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Brother Confesses to accidental Murder of Sister

During the intesne trial of Peter Hotelsman, accused of murdering his sister Erin Hotelsman, the defendant had a breakdown and confessed to the whole thing. Below is a transcription of what was said during court:

“I DID IT! I did it, I killed her. Mom, Dad, I am so sorry. I didnt mean to kill her. I was in a tough spot, I owed the wrong people a lot of money. I know you wouldnt have given me the money if I asked, and if I did you would have gotten rid of me as manager of the hotel. I can’t believe this is happening, i didnt mean for it to happen like this. It, it wasnt supposed to happen like this, it was the perfect plan. I would kidnap Erin, send you a ransom note and pay off my bookie. He was going to kill me, you guys might have disowned me but at least i wouldnt be dead. Then she started telling me how stupid it was, how stupid I was. She wouldnt shut up. She just kept yelling, someone was going to hear. So I gagged her. I didnt realize she couldnt breath. I thought she was just freaking out, and then i left the room. It couldnt have been for more than 5 minutes. 5 mintues. thats all. 5 minutes. I came back and she was motionless on the floor. She had no pulse. I freaked out and ran out of there. I am so sorry. I cant believe it.”

Peter was potentially facing the death penalty, but his confession may save him from that. Sentencing will be next week.