William Rodriguez Murdered By Serial Bomber

William Rodriquez, owner and operator of R.W. Decency was murdered by a pipe-bomb left in a package on his doorstep today. The package had only his name on it and he appears to be the second victim in a serial bomber’s killing spree. Details about the construction of the bomb have been withheld by investigators for fear of copy-cat bombers. When asked about the link between the recent bombings and arson, investigators commented:

“It is safe to say that all of these events are linked together but it is unclear if it is a single person acting individually or a group of people responsible. We ask that people keep their eyes open and if they see something, to say something. The bomber isn’t done yet, though it is unclear who the next target is. The general population does not need to fear, however, as there seems to be a specific motivation to the attacks.”

We encourage our readers to remain vigilant and to be cautious.


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