Valentines Day Bombing

Beatrice Goody, owner and operator of Bai Corporation, was murdered today. A bouquet of flowers was left on her doorstep with a pipe bomb placed inside of it. She was killed instantly. Earlier this month Bai Corporation’s factory was burned down in an apparent arson attack and it is presumed that these two incidents are related, despite the lack of comment by investigators. When asked if we can expect more bombings, investigators commented:

“If this is a serial attacker, we can expect there to be more bombings but it doesnt seem that the public at large is at risk. So far only specific targets have been attacked and done so in a precise manner. If this is a serial attacker, it seems personal and the public should have nothing to fear.”

Despite this reassurance, Schmiddletownites seem scared.

“I mean, buildings are burning down, people are getting blown up, its pretty scary. How do I know if I’m a target or not?” Joe Schmoe, a local resident pleads.


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