Governor Schmandrew Schmomo Killed In Bombing

The Governor has been the apparent fourth victim of the Schmiddletown Bombarsonist according to investigators who confirmed there was a high likelihood that this bombing was from the same attacker.

“There is evidence we are not at privilege to share, but we will say that it makes it an almost certainty that this bombing was from the Schmiddletown Bombarsonist”

The pipe bomb was delivered to his office and the detonation instantly killed the Governor. Investigators claim to have a lead on a suspect and are pursuing any tips that are reported. Investigators were asked how many more victims they expect, to which they responded;

“Hopefully none. It’s unclear how far the Bombarsonist is going to take this or how many targets they have in mind. Anyone who would take it as far as they have can be unpredictable. We do have a pretty solid lead and we will hopefully have a suspect in custody soon and bring peace to our community. The silver lining to all the attacks is that we get more and more evidence each time, and at this point we are confident we will be able to make an arrest and get a conviction.”


2 thoughts on “Governor Schmandrew Schmomo Killed In Bombing

  1. May he rest in peace such a good governor.


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