Another Bombing Victim; Owen Paddie

Another victim has been claimed by the Schmiddletown Bombarsonist, a nickname created by the people of Schmiddletown, bringing the total death toll to three. Owen Paddie, manager of Firstuni Corporation, was killed by a pipe bomb planted in his corporate mailbox. The bomb detonated upon opening of the mailbox. Investigators have refrained from releasing anymore comment or details surrounding the case, leaving more people to speculate as to the possible linkage between the three companies and the recent attacks against their buildings and personnel.

Researchers here at Schmiddletown Times have recently made a possible connection to a plausible motivation for the attacks. Months ago we reported on these three companies environmental contamination issues, the lack of accountability and their possible role in the recent uptick in leukemia rates for the citizens surrounding their factories. A lack of action at both the local and state level may have inspired a local citizen to take action against these corporations and the people involved for the lack of justice. Anyone with information pertaining to someone who may have a personal vendetta against these businesses are urged to contact the police with tips: 845-867-5309

The police are uncertain if the bombarsonist is finished with their attacks.


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