3 Buildings Set Ablaze

Schmiddletown AP

Three Factories were apparently intentionally set
ablaze last night in the greater Schmiddletown area. The targets were the R.W. Decency factory, Bai Corporation and Firstuni Corporation buildings. Investigators withheld comments citing that it was an ongoing investigation but our reporters managed to speak with some of the first responders.

“There was a lot of confusion at first. We responded to a call and when we got there there was only one building that we could see on fire. As we were fighting that one other calls were being made for the other two buildings but there was a lot of confusion on them being different fires. By the time we realized that two other buildings were on fire, they were already pretty big and we weren’t equipped to fight that many fires of those sizes.”

They continued to attribute the severity of the damage to this confusion and alluded to there being some sort of time delay device for igniting the fires.

“There was no way the fire spread to these other buildings, nor is there a way someone could have set them after we had already gotten there. Someone would have seen something.

It is unclear the motive behind the arson, or if the arsonist will strike again, but readers may recall a previous article where these companies were implicated in causing leukemia in local residents.

Any tips can be forwarded to the Schmiddletown Police at 845-867-5309