Student Found Dead In Chemistry Classroom

Staples High SchoolA student was found dead inside of a chemistry classroom in Schmiddletown High School at 11:32pm on the evening of 10/30 by a member of the custodial staff. The student has been identified as Keila Speaksloudly, a senior who was in the building for volleyball practice earlier in that night.

“Since it is an active investigation I am only able to share limited information with the public at this time” Police Chief Ken ElNicest stated at a press release early this morning. “But I can say with great certainty that there is not an ongoing threat to the public and that the death has no connection with the recent Clown activity in the area”.

When asked if foul play was suspected ElNicest responded with “It can not be ruled out at this time and anyone with information is encouraged to contact the police department at 845-867-5309”

Keila Speaksloudly was a popular student at Schmiddletown High and was well liked by her peers. She was an active athlete and honor roll student that her classmates often looked to for leadership. Details about services will be forthcoming and posted on